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LaGondola Bundle: 1 Round Corzetti Stamp, 1 Round Professional Ravioli Stamp 50 mm and 1 Pasta Cutter Festooned in Brass and Natural Wood - IRIS

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For Home & Commercial Kitchens

Easy To Use & Clean

Time-Saving Solution: Edges are sharp and crisp

La Gondola Ravioli and Pasta Set of two Stamps and one cutter in Brass

  1. Professional set of two pasta and ravioli stamps: 1 (Corzetti) Round, 1 Fluted round (50 mm) and one Pasta cutter wheel festooned.
  2. Timeless Design with Natural Wood Handle.
  3. Durable Brass Head.
  4. Stamps with Expeller, not glued pasta anymore.
    1. Truly artisan production, Made in Italy.


    Corzetti Round Stamp (RITA):

    • Width: 5 cm
    • Height: 9,5 cm

    1 Fluted Round Stamp (DORA):

    • Width: 5 cm
    • Height: 10 cm
    • Diameter: 5 cm

    Pasta Cutter Wheel Festooned (TONY):

    • Width: 4 cm
    • Height: 17 cm

    Ravioli and Pasta Set in Brass

    • MAKE THE BEST RAVIOLI AT HOME - When you cut your ravioli properly, you can seal it better, and the filling won't fall out during cooking.
    • SAVE TIME & FRUSTRATION - Cheaper tools won't cut uniformly and that means it will look sloppy and you will also be frustrated by taking more attempts to cut the dough properly.
    • RAVIOLI STAYS CLOSED - A perfect cut means the ravioli seals better and doesn't open up.
    • MAKE FRESH PASTA FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS - Eat healthy and have more delicious meals with homemade pastas just like you would imagine in Italy.
    • USE THIS FOR GENERATIONS - The high quality wood and brass design is going to last a lot longer than a dollar store.

    Professional tools for the most demanding client. Fresh ravioli tools fits perfectly the chef Needs.

    It can be a marvellous gift idea for all the pasta lovers around the world.

    La Gondola Ravioli Cutter is beautifully packaged and makes an amazing gift... consider getting two.. one for you and one to gift to a friend.


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    Cutter and stamps set for pasta
    Cutter and stamps set for pasta
    Cutter and stamps set for pasta
    Cutter and stamps set for pasta
    Cutter and stamps set for pasta
    Cutter and stamps set for pasta
    • Made in Italy

      Our products are conceived and
      manufactured in Italy

    • Premium Brass & Wood

      Natural wood handle & Durable brass head with expeller

    • Eco-friendly packaging

      Eco-friendly & Bio-degradable carton packaging

    • 24/7 customer service

      Contact our staff anvtime for
      information and inquiries


    FAQs about products

    What can I expect from la gondola pasta tools?

    See what Mindy (another happy client) says: La Gondola produces the highest quality pasta tools I have ever encountered. They ship and arrive quickly. They look and feel like they will last a lifetime.

    Do you have any suggestions for optimal cleaning?

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth and a touch of lemon juice for shine, but do not use in the dishwasher.

    Are the roller sizes the same on the double roller as on the single (single or festooned) rollers?

    Yes the sizes are the same.

    Adjustable pasta cutter: what is the narrowest strip that can be cut?

    1,50 cm  (1/2 inch approx).

    Does this cut the dough at the same time of imprinting? Or, is there a second piece that cuts the "coin"?

    Yes, all in one motion.

    Do you have any tips for using your tools efficiently?

    Here are 3 tips for using homemade pasta cutters and stamps efficiently:

    1)Use the right dough consistency: The consistency of the dough is crucial. Make sure to achieve a smooth and flexible dough, not too sticky. If it's too sticky, add a bit of flour; if it's too dry, add a little water. The right consistency will make the pasta easier to work with, allowing the cutters and molds to shape the pasta smoothly.

    2)Flour your work surface well: Before rolling out or using the cutters and molds, ensure to flour your work surface adequately. This prevents the pasta from sticking and breaking during the process. You can also lightly flour the top of the dough when rolling it out to prevent sticking to the rolling pin or molds.

    3)Let the pasta dry before cooking: After shaping the pasta with the cutters or molds, let it dry for a short period before cooking. This helps the pasta maintain its shape during cooking and provides a better texture. You can let it dry on a lightly floured tray or a pasta drying rack for at least 15-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pasta.

    By following these tips, you'll be able to use homemade pasta cutters and molds effectively, creating delicious and well-shaped dishes. Happy cooking!

    Why choose La Gondola?

    Our professional pasta and ravioli tools are created and tested to guarantee you the best quality in the international market.

    They are Made in Italy products that reflect and respect the tradition and values of their country of origin.